Title:                      Milham ford Nature park

Materials:            English Oak, soil and Turf

Approx. size:      4.5×2 Metres

Location:              Milham ford Nature park, Oxford.

Date:                     2011

This Artwork for Milham ford is at the upper end of the park nestled up to the pathway as it bends before going downhill towards the Marston Road.

The form of the sculpture itself was inspired and shaped by the location and winding trail of the path and streams and takes advantage of the views over the park.

The sculpture for the park is constructed largely from durable native oak timber, located from a sustainable local source.

The timber sections house a soil and wildflower grass turf, these were harvested during the excavations of the sculpture.   The grassland environment around milham ford has long been of scientific interest due to the wet nature and historic usage of the land .Species of orchids and other rare wildflowers are to be found regularly in the area.It is hoped that by raising the soil and turf form into the sculpture that attention will be drawn to this special ecological environment.

Around the sculpture is a Cotswold stone shingle area provide much needed drainage around the sculpture.

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