Title:  The Journey

Materials:  Red Oak Bark, golden rod , birch, Spagnam Moss and Steel

Approx size:  2.5 x2.5 x 2.5 Metres

Location:  I Park, Connecticut, Usa.

Date:  2013

The Journey was built for I Park, during my period as an Artist in Residence, culminating in the 2013 Environmental Art Biennale.  I Park invites artists to retreat and respond to its unique landscape.

The form is constructed around a welded steel armature built from reclaimed reinforcement bar, ( I Park was formally an Architectural Salvage Yard  there remains huge amounts of scrap metal and other materials available on hand.)

The steel armature is clad in a hard  shell of Red oak bark,  harvested from a 300 year old windblown oak. this surface  conceals a soft underbelly of living moss, a luscious soft nest like interior.  This layered globe reminiscent of the Earth, evokes ideas of protection or shelter.

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