Title:  The Arise

Materials:  English oak and larch

Approx size:  4×4 Metres

Location:  Harold court woods, Thames Chase,Essex.

Date:  2003

The Arise was commissioned by Thames Chase and the Forestry Commission. The sculpture is sited within the southern end of Harold court woods taking advantage of the views over the countryside. This piece of work is made from Larch logs and Sawn English Oak.

Thames Chase is a project to create woodland spaces throughout Essex and has now planted over 2 million trees . The path up to and around the sculpture will be wide enough for wheelchair access .

The shape of the sculpture circles upwards from the ground reflecting growth. Like an embryo or seed the trees radiate from the sculpture. Fossil or shell like in structure the sculpture wraps round the seating area . Inspired by the circle of horse chestnut trees at Harold Court the Sculpture/bench is located within a large circular planted area. Working closely with the Forestry Commission, the trees have be specially chosen from native species for their speed of growth and final height to give an amphitheater effect. The work is designed to grow over the years. Until then walkers can rest at the sculpture and watch the trees grow around them.

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