Title:                     Millers Field Seat

Materials:            Sawn Oak, knapped flint, Stainless steel gabion

Approx. size:       2.5 x 2.5 x 1  Meters

Location:             Millers Field,  Canterbury, Kent

Date:                     2015

This design for Millers field Canterbury has been is inspired by the giant cogs used in watermills, The surrounding architecture for example the Historic remnants of the city walls/battlements that that are adjacent to the site and flowing River Stour that creates millers field into almost an island in the Stour.

The circular wooden structure has elements of an up turned wooden mill bevel gear. This can be sat within its oak walls. This timber cog structure will sit upon a base incorporating flint. This will provide a stable and solid base to keep the timber off the ground and pay homage to the architecture of the defensive walls. This cog seating area will be banked around by a modest hill of turfed grass. This small grassy hill with a path up to it will reflect somewhat the features of a Motte Bailey castle, an ancient type of fortification . I hope this will be fun for kids to enter and play and adults to sit down with a slightly elevated view of the stour river.


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