Lucas Gardens Sculpture

Materials: Oak

Approx. size: 3×0.3 x0.1 Meters

Location: Lucas Gardens , Camberwell

Date: 2010

Working with Art in the Park they were commissioned by Southwark Parks to make some wooden sculptures for the newly created sensory garden at Lucas Gardens in Peckham. The project involved AiP artists Andrea Sinclair and Tim Norris.

The location of the gardens is close to Sunshine House, Southwark children and young people’s development centre, which provides specialist services for children and young people with special needs, disabilities & other vulnerabilities.

The sculptures, which are sited along a stepping stone trail, were designed and created after consultation with the centre staff as to what would be most appealing and interesting to their young users. A suggested important feature was to make the sculptures different enough in shape and texture to be distinguished by touch as well as sight. Workshops were carried out with a parent toddler group and another group of Year 5/6 students to develop ideas of suitable textures for the sculptures.

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