Title:                    Forest Wave Shelter

Materials:            Sweet Chestnut, Steel and Canvas

Approx. size:       2.5m x 2.2 x 2.5

Location:              Mount Yonmi , South Korea Yatoo Art In Nature

Date:                     2017

The ‘Forest Wave Shelter’ is made from branches collected during the thinning of the forest at Mount Yionmi. The shelter takes the form of a ‘Wave’ rising from the ground. Waves (water, sound and light waves) are a powerful force, never static, constantly evolving, and ephemeral – like art in nature – like this work itself. The sculptures form, size, and materials, is dictated by its surroundings, for example the elevation of the land, the spacing of the trees and the quality of the light. The tough outer shell is made from sweet chestnut branches. Steel was used to create the structural framework. The internal space is reminiscent of the inside of a chestnut shell, the inner wall is hand stitched using canvas, sealed with a protective vanish, which wraps around the internal wall. This technique has been influenced by the artists’ own experiments working with wooden canvas canoes. This work is an interactive sculptural ‘Shelter that allows the viewer/s to wander inside and around the ‘Sculptural Wave’. This is a ‘place’ of contemplation or ‘gathering space’, lit by the dappled light of the forest, where one can rest within its shelter before moving on. ‘I invite you to rest a while, contemplate, and take the time to notice of the everchanging world around you.

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