Title:                     Neural Nature Materials:            Bamboo and Steel Approx. size:       6 x 6x 2.5 Meters Location:             Yu Lei Mountain, Chendu, China. Date:                     2015  

The sculpture has been Inspired by the fascinating shapes of the Neuron and how it transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.

The work Neural Nature has roots to spread and make connections with the forest. The roots (neurites) encircle the cell with a dynamic motion and create a sense of movement and energy around the cell nucleus.

The Nucleus can be climbed inside to rest, contemplate and create your own inspirational thoughts and pass on your energy to the network.

The work is created from bamboo and woven into a structure of welded steel bar.

This work is part of the exhibition “flowing inspiration” on the Yu Lei Mountain path.

The sculpture  is open to the public all year round and is Curated by the International Forest Art Group

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